The Big Business Idea I Let Go Of

I once thought an online travel magazine was going to become my entire business. Until it didn't. Listen to my short, personal story about the time I pursued an idea and learned a very valuable lesson.

Published on  July 7, 2022

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Letting go is much harder than it seems– when we re-examine how much of ourselves we’ve poured into projects, it can be a real challenge to finally let go and move on with someone you find much more fulfilling. This is how I started to feel about my business before, where I would build up other people’s brands, their reputations; and I was struggling in the background trying to keep up with the day to day grind.

It was scary to think about what I needed to do. Where would I even start? Would I be okay without my best clients? And my main source of income? Little did I know that I just needed to meet the right people at just the right time.

Join me in this conversation as I share with you guys how I got the ball rolling for myself!

Episode Highlights:

  • My honeymoon, and the people I met that inspired change
  • Finally realizing that I was unfulfilled in my business
  • Taking that first step and building my own brand
  • Acknowledging that my past business helped me ready myself for a new journey

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