My 2023 Word of the Year

I've picked my own word of the year and it's served as a "meta intention" for each year. It's also helped me shift my entire business model, build a new & profitable offer, and start a family. Tune in to hear more & learn how to pick yours!

Published on  January 5, 2023

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It’s that time of year when everyone on social media declares their “Word of the Year.”

Is it just a trend or does it have the power to change the trajectory of your business (& your life)?

I’ve chosen a Word of the Year for many years now and I’ve seen just how powerful it can be.

My Word of the Year helped me shift 79% of my revenue and transform my entire business model… within 3 years.

“How in the world could one word do all of that, Quinn?!” 👇

Tune into this solo episode to hear:

  • 📝 My past “words” and why I’m about to retire one of them
  • 📆 How this annual practice has informed all of my strategic business decisions
  • 👉 The story behind my big shift in business model from 2019 > now
  • 📊 Why you should pick your own Word for 2023… and how to do it!

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