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The Create Your Purpose® Collective is a compassionate community for creative entrepreneurs who crave guidance & practical steps to grow their business *without* sacrificing their values, health, or sense of purpose.

We’re looking for women entrepreneurs (creatives, coaches, & consultants) at all stages of business who are overwhelmed by figuring out what comes next. If you’re ready to stop going it alone and get the support you need to move forward, you’re likely a great fit!

What our Members Have Said:


Laura Neff

Photographer + Biz Coach


"Before the Collective, I was chasing shiny objects left and right, wondering which path was 'right' for me. But, now? OH MY GOSH. I have so much clarity & I'm actually creating a business out of LOVE *not* lack!"


Natasha Samuel

Instagram Strategist + Educator


"The entire Collective experience has easily been the best investment I've made in my business. It has helped me 2x my income, launch a podcast, & attract opportunities that I literally *dreamed* of!"


Marisa Mohi

Writer and Creative Coach


"The Collective is filled with intelligent women who are intentional about the choices they make. I felt so LONELY as an entrepreneur before, but now, I can ask questions, get support, and know that I'm not alone."

Questions? We've got answers!

Our membership overview page will go live during our enrollment period. Check back here to see all the details then and apply!

The Create Your Purpose® Collective is for women entrepreneurs at all business-building stages who want to grow their businesses without running themselves ragged.

What sets us apart is that we have candid, honest conversations about how we - as entrepreneurs - feel WITHIN our businesses. We talk about mindfulness, self-care, and productivity just as much as we talk about revenue, marketing, and strategies.

To us in the Collective, running a business is a holistic venture, and we look at the big-picture right alongside the tiny little actions that will move us forward.

Specifically, the Collective is best for entrepreneurs who are at least 1 year into their business journey - whether that business is full time or a side hustle.

You're an ideal member if you want:

  • Clarity on how to grow your business in a way that feels authentic to you.
  • A simple system that will make you feel organized and strategic.
  • To show up more consistently and confident in your marketing.
  • To have a plan that helps you grow your profits & make a difference.
  • To stop doing it alone and get support from a community weekly.

Our members are creative entrepreneurs - service provides, consultants, coaches, course creators, speakers, authors, and more.

The majority of our members also have an online business of some sort, or at least use online marketing to attract their audience.

We keep everything simple:

  1. Apply during an open enrollment period.
  2. If accepted, you will be invited into the Collective soon after.
  3. You are a member for 1 year.
  4. After 1 year, you have an option to renew - many of our members do!

Check back during our enrollment period to hear more about the experience you'll have as a member and how it will help you grow your business without sacrificing your health, values, or sense of purpose.

The Collective is designed to be overwhelm-free!

During your first 3 months as a Collective member, your time is a bit more structured.

On average, our members have said setting aside an average of 1-2 hours a week during the first 3 months helps them get the most out of the Collective. You can expect to:

  • 🎥 Watch 1 new video module every 2 weeks
  • 📝 Complete a short workbook exercise
  • ✅ Submit your work to a dedicated mentor
  • 👩🏽‍💻 Watch your mentor's feedback via short Loom video
  • 📣 Attend 1 live monthly coaching call with our founder

Outside of the live coaching call, all of this is done on your own schedule.

After the course has ended, we will work with you to create a plan to take advantage of the community in a way that best supports your goals.

At this point, the time you're involved in the Collective at this point is totally up to you, although we estimate ~1 hour a week! That hour could go towards:

  • Attending a co-working session to get accountability
  • Sharing a challenge on a monthly "hot seat" if you need feedback
  • Asking questions on our community forum
  • Pairing up with a member as Purpose Partner to work on something specific
  • Attending a masterclass to learn a new skill
  • Tuning in to our private podcast feed 

We all our working hard to grow your businesses, so the Collective is designed in a way to support you, not distract you. 

As of August 2023, we've made two big changes to make more of an impact on women in business. Read a summary below or watch our founder, Quinn Tempest, speak about it in this video.

First, we decided to reduce our annual membership costs by 30% starting this fall.

We now offer 1 annual membership and 2 ways to pay: $1295 up front, or monthly payments of $125.

We will also offer a slightly higher “pay it forward” rate that members can opt into which will go directly into our scholarship fund.

We hope this price drop will allow us to invite in many more fabulous humans who need a place of support, growth, and inspiration within their entrepreneurial journey!

Second, we'll be offering 3 free scholarship spots for the next cohort, which I'll personally sponsor.

Learn if you are eligible and how the program works on this overview page.

As of August 2023, there are currently 20 members in the Collective. The next cohort will likely add 5-10 new members. It's the perfect "Goldilocks" size - intimate enough to allow for personal connections to forge but big enough for you to be able to tap into a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise.

Yes, The Collective is a program dedicated to women. It is a safe space where members can explore their entrepreneurial spirit and goals in an open and respectful environment. We welcome applicants who self-identify as women and people assigned female at birth.

The Create Your Purpose Collective strives to be an anti-racist community. We have black women in this community. We have women of color in this community. We welcome, respect, support, and value BIPOC here in this community and have a masterclass you can watch about anti-racist practices in business presented by our member and race equity consultant, Bryana Clover.

The Collective wants to ensure access is possible for women in business who are unable to make the investment at our normal membership rates. We are proud to use a portion of our proceeds to offer limited full-ride scholarship spots in every cohort. Learn more about our program and if you are eligible here. We also have the option for new and existing members to sponsor additional scholarships spots.

Applications close on Thursday, August 31st @ 11:59 pm PT and new members will be enrolled into the Collective on Tuesday, September 5th, 2023!