Create Your Purpose


Gain clarity. 📝 Get organized.
🔗 Make time for what lights you up! 🌿 Grow with purpose.

Join our community of women entrepreneurs where we support each other in building our businesses from the inside → out.

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Create Your Purpose


Gain clarity. 📝 Get organized.
🔗 Make time for what lights you up! 🌿 Grow with purpose.

Join our community of women entrepreneurs where we support each other in building our businesses from the inside → out.

Let me guess the real reason you're on this page...

You set out to build your own business or side hustle because you wanted freedom. Creativity! To feel *energized* by your work!

You wanted to do what you love, let your passion drive you, and create something meaningful.

What you did NOT want was to feel overwhelmed, frazzled, stuck, or constantly burnt out...

Maybe you have a vision running through your mind of who you want to become & the kind of business you dream of running someday...

But, the problem is that your current reality doesn't look a thing like it and you have *no idea* how to get from HERE to THERE.

Or, maybe it's that...

You are constantly spinning your wheels doing #allthethings, but nothing is really getting you anywhere.

You can't seem to find the time to do what you really love to do.

You feel pulled in a million different directions and nothing feels connected.

You don’t have clarity on what the right “next step” should be to grow your business.

You feel "all over the place" and know you need a way to get organized, but not sure where to start.

You're tired, sick of getting in your own darn way, and wish things just *felt better.*

To add to it all…

You feel alone and unsupported.

You wish you had someone to turn to. Someone who could answer your questions, celebrate your wins, and give you support and a helping hand when things get tough (because they inevitably will!).

What if I told you that you don't have to feel so alone anymore and that there is a sisterhood of like-minded entrepreneurs just waiting to give you a big ol' bear hug?!
Because there is...


The women inside The Collective want the same things you do.

They want to:
  • 👁 Run the business that matches the vision running through their head and have all the steps to help them do exactly that.
  • 🔗 Connect the dots between all that they do so they can STOP spinning their wheels and START *actually* making things happen.
  • 🛠 Create simple, rock-solid systems that allow them to spend more time on what they LOVE to do and less on what drains them.
  • ✨ Gain clarity on what steps they should take next to grow their business and their profit... steadily!
  • 🤳 Show up in their marketing consistently & confidently in a way that feels authentic to who they are at their core.
  • ✅ Stop procrastinating, get out of their own way, and focus on taking *consistent* action that supports their goals.
  • 👯‍♀️ Gain support from people who understand what they're going through and inspire them to keep going.
  • 💜 Connect with a deeper "why" behind their work either for the first time or for the first time in a long time.

Ready to say 👋 GOODBYE to burnout, overwhelm, and hustle and 🤩 HELLO to more clarity, direction, and joy in both your business and your life?

If you want to gain crystal-clear clarity on how to move your business forward, then you'll need guidance and support to take your vision and make it a reality. That's where the Collective comes in.

Applications close on February 3rd at 11:59pm PT.
New members will be enrolled into the Collective on February 7th.

Meet our Members

The Collective isn't just another "online course" that will collect dust on your digital shelf. This is a strong, active community of 40+ women entrepreneurs who are making 👏 things 👏 happen.

Scroll through their profiles below to see how they've transformed since joining!


"Before the Collective, I was on the verge of adrenal fatigue. Now, I make decisions that fuel my purpose in my business & life! This has easily been the BEST investment I've made. I 2x'ed my income, launched a podcast, & attracted opportunities that I literally *dreamed* of!"

Natasha Samuel

Instagram Educator
komal shah

"I was struggling to take action before the Collective and the fear was debilitating! A big shift happened when I understood my WHY and how my actions align with that drive. I now know what it means to be truly consistent. Since joining, I wrote & published my first book!"

Komal Shah

Author & Speaker

"Before becoming a member of the Collective, I was chasing shiny objects left and right, wondering which path was 'right' for someone so multi-passionate like me. But, now? OH MY GOSH. I have so much clarity & I'm actually creating a business out of LOVE *not* lack!"

Laura Neff


"I felt so STUCK in my business before I found this community. Feeling like an imposter held me back from taking action. Not any longer! I've since filed for an LLC. I have a clear product suite and the confidence to sell it. Plus, I've met my best business besties!"

Meaghan Dunham

Marketing Consultant

"I was struggling with client boundaries & was on the verge of giving up entirely. Joining the Collective felt like fate! I've met my 6-month income goal, signed on several ideal clients, and made new friends! I genuinely feel more aligned with my work now and I'm excited to keep building it."

Luan Jardine

Advertising Strategist

"Before the Collective, I felt like I was running through quicksand just trying to survive. I couldn't balance work + family + content overwhelm. In just a short time since joining, I've been able to commit to projects that will grow my business and launch & sell out my first course!"

Alison Sullivan

Craft YouTuber, Teacher

A personal note...

Hi, I'm Quinn Tempest, founder of Create Your Purpose® and leader of the Collective.

Over the past decade, I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take a small idea and transform it into a purposeful + profitable business.

Along the way, I discovered there are two types of people:

  • 😩 An entrepreneur who focuses on surface-level problems & stuck in cycles of overwhelm + burnout.
  • 🤩 An entrepreneur who leads their business forward with intention, from the inside → out.

It is possible to become entrepreneur #2...

You *can* make time to do more of what you love, transform your purpose into profit, & actually run the business you've always dreamed of!

I'd love to support you as you grow your business. I review all applications personally and can't wait to invite you into this sparkling sisterhood we've created!



The Create Your Purpose® Collective is filled with women who are dedicated to creating more purpose + profit in their business *without* burning out.

This experience isn't just one thing. In fact, it's a magical trifecta...
  • One part community
  • One part course
  • One part mentorship & accountability

As a member of the Collective, you get:

The Community

Access to a sparkling, curated community of entrepreneurs (go-getters! magic makers! paradigm shifters!) who will instantly "get" you, answer your questions, support you when you're feeling down, and celebrate your wins - big & small. Plus, fun + useful monthly events like co-working, expert masterclasses, & yes... even Jazzercise! We connect on a custom, private community platform.

The Course

The Create Your Purpose® Academy, run live over the first 12 weeks of your initial membership period, will give you a framework to finally clarify your path forward, uncover your unique "why" that combats burnout, and execute a profitable + purposeful business strategy that will extend through all parts of your life, too!

(Click to watch the video above for a 3-minute preview of an Academy module)

Mentorship & Accountability

You will be paired up with a Purpose Mentor during the Academy, who will guide you to uncover your purpose and develop a business strategy from the inside → out. Along with our co-working, feedback sessions, & quarterly planning workshops, The Collective will give you the support and accountability to take consistent action to grow your business with purpose.


Learning Library

All members get access to an extensive library* of 45+ detailed mini & full-length masterclasses created specifically for the Collective that won't just teach you valuable business skills, but also how to apply those lessons with purpose. Topics include:

  • Time Management
  • Online Launch Strategy
  • Business Systems
  • Ideal Client Attraction
  • Social Media Visibility
  • Money Mindset
  • Anti-Racism in Business
  • Transitioning from 9-5

*New masterclasses led by Quinn or guest experts are added monthly!


APPLY BY midnight PT on January 26th and get the Ideal Week Worksheet + Workshop Bundle

($150 Value)

If you're struggling to make time to work ON your business vs. IN it, this will give you a *repeatable way* to plan out your week & do more of what energizes you in your biz - and less of what drains you.


Get by with a little help from your friends

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. But, wouldn't it feel like MAGIC to have a sisterhood of like-minded women to turn to when you have a question, need some support, or have a specific challenge only other entrepreneurs will get?

See what our members say about our special, curated community! 👇


"So many members have reached out to help, answer questions, or just cheer me on! If you want to explore something creative and need focus and support, I can’t recommend the Collective enough."

Carole Sheldon

Cécile AGUILLAUME / Lieu : Neuchâtel - Suisse

"The Collective is a unicorn dream come true! It's a strong community of female entrepreneurs here to support each other, an incredible learning experience, a wonderful support system."

Cécile Aguillaume

Tour Guide

"This amazing group of women have cheered for me, been a resource when I had questions, and the support system when I struggled. The Collective is the strong group of women everyone needs in their life."

Danielle Harris

Marketing Consultant

Gain access to an entrepreneurial hive-mind and the support you need to grow your business with purpose!

Members are accepted by application only. If you are accepted, payment will be required to secure your spot in the Collective. Only 15 spots are available in the Winter 2022 cohort.

Two Payment Options are available:

(Rates listed below are for your initial six-month membership.)

One Payment OF


(Save $55!)

For initial 6-month membership.
Full payment due up-front

Six Payments OF


For initial 6-month membership.
Auto-billed monthly on a recurring subscription.

Are you ready to *boldly commit* to make your business vision a reality and build a purposeful + profitable business?

The Collective will not only give you the roadmap on how to do just that, but the support, accountability, education, and sparkling doses of inspiration to help you all along your path!

Applications close on February 3rd at 11:59pm PT.
New members will be enrolled into the Collective on February 7th.

Have questions? Here are your answers!

Who is a good fit

The Create Your Purpose® Collective is for entrepreneurs at all business-building stages - new or established entrepreneurs who want to lead with more intention in their work and their life. 

Specifically, the Collective is best for entrepreneurs who are at least 1 year into their business journey - whether that business is full time or a side hustle.

You're an ideal member if you want:

  • Clarity on how to grow your business in a way that feels authentic to you.
  • A simple system that will help you feel organized and strategic.
  • To show up more consistently and confidently in your marketing.
  • Education on specific strategies, tools, & tactics that will help you grow.
  • To have a plan that helps you grow your profits & make a difference.
  • To stop doing it alone and get support from a community weekly.

The Create Your Purpose Collective is not for you if...

You’re solely interested in personal development topics and not any business-building skills.

You’re only really interested in building your business and learning hacks and shortcuts on how to do that. This experience doesn't provide blueprints or shortcuts to help you "make money fast."

You don’t have the time or funds right now to invest your energies in something that may make some big transformations in your life (that’s totally okay).

You'd rather learn about all of this stuff outside of a community experience, on your own time, or one-on-one with Quinn.

You don't have any entrepreneurial leanings whatsoever.

You are building an MLM-based or network marketing type of business.


You're on this page for a reason, and I'm guessing you're feeling stuck, uninspired, or wishing you could make more progress. Or maybe things are going pretty well, and you're ready to take it to the next level.

Either way, you will benefit both from remembering WHY you started your biz in the first place, re-rooting yourself in that deeper mission, and learning specific strategies for creating a holistic business and marketing plan that helps you take that next leap.

Plus, the community itself is reason enough to join and feel more supported along your entrepreneurial journey!

(We have many entrepreneurs who have been in business for 3-5+ years and host bi-annual strategy sessions dedicated to small groups of our community who are in specific stages they are in their business.)

Yes - if you're currently and actively working on your business idea!

No - If you only have big dream of being an entrepreneur someday but have absolutely no sense of direction for that may look like yet.

You will root yourself in your why early on and let that guide everything you do, which makes your work all the more effective. I wish I had something like this when I was first starting out!

What this isn't, however, is a step-by-step program teaching you the basics of legal, accounting, and administrative start-up tasks for a business.

That being said, many of these topics will be touched upon in our monthly programming and you will also be able to pick the brains of like-minded members who have been through similar struggles or have advice to share. 

(We have many entrepreneurs who have been in business for <1 year and host bi-annual strategy sessions dedicated to small groups of our community who are in specific stages they are in their business.)

No. The Collective is designed for entrepreneurs at many business-building stages with specific resources tailored to where you are now and where you want to be soon.

That means you could certainly have a full-time job and still be part of the Collective... in fact, many members do!

Or you could have a side-hustle that you're passionate about and be interested in taking it full-time or keeping it as it is. We have many members currently working on that transition.

Or you could be a full-time entrepreneur - you'll be in good company!

If you have no entrepreneurial leanings or ideas at all, the Collective would not be a good fit.

Yes, The Collective is a program dedicated to women. It is a safe space where members can explore their entrepreneurial spirit and drive in an open and respectful environment. We welcome applicants who self-identify as women and people assigned female at birth.

The Create Your Purpose Collective strives to be an anti-racist community. We have black women in this community. We have women of color in this community. We welcome, respect, support, and value BIPOC here in this community and have a masterclass you can watch about anti-racist practices in business.

Quinn also donates a portion Collective proceeds annually to Hustle PHX, a charitable organization that empowers BIPOC entrepreneurs in the Phoenix area.

The commitment

The Collective is designed to be overwhelm-free!

On average, our members have said setting aside an average of 1-2 hours a week helps them get the most out of the Collective.

During the first 12 weeks of your initial members while the course is run live, you can expect to:

  • 🎥 Watch 1 new video module every 2 weeks
  • 📝 Complete a short workbook exercise
  • 💬 Submit your work to a dedicated mentor
  • 💌 Watch your mentor's feedback via short Loom video
  • 📣 Attend 1 live monthly coaching call with me

Outside of the live coaching call, all of this is done on your own schedule.

After the course has ended, we will work with you to create a plan to take advantage of the community in a way that best supports your goals. That could be mean you:

  • Attend a co-working session to get accountability
  • Share a challenge on a monthly "hot seat" if you need feedback
  • Ask questions on our community forum
  • Pair up with a member as Purpose Partner to work on something specific
  • Attend a masterclass to learn a new skill
  • Tune in to our private podcast feed 

We all our working hard to grow your businesses, so the Collective is designed in a way to support you, not distract you. You can put as much time as you'd like into it - and most of our members say 1-2 hours a week is plenty to get the most out of this experience.

All new memberships and membership renewals require a 6-month commitment. I built it this way for two reasons:

One: The journey you will take inside the Collective is just that - a journey. Real results and transformation for the kind of work we will be doing don’t happen overnight, so 6 months was chosen specifically to provide you with enough of a foundation to build some momentum. That being said, you can stay in the Collective as long as you'd like since the programming is fresh every month and many of our members choose to renew!

Two: The power of community lies is bringing people together who want to grow together around a common purpose. I want you to connect with each other, be inspired by each other, and grow with each other! Create Your Purpose℠ is a philosophy, a mindset, and a movement but it’s nothing without people, and this community is its beating heart.

First off, you will feel more clear and purposeful in your business and your life, you will have made meaningful connections with like-minded entrepreneurs, and you will have a refined understanding of specific strategies and tactics to grow your business with purpose.

Secondly, you will have the option to renew your membership*, and we hope you do! Most members choose to stay on past their initial membership... we even have founding members who have committed to staying in the community for 2+ years now because they love it so much!

We will continue to open enrollment to the community a few times a year, inviting new people in to shape the experience and grow together. The content and lessons will be fresh and new every single month based on the needs of the community.

*Renewal membership fees are much less than your initial fee. You will be provided options to renew around 30 days before your initial membership expires.

Most events take place 8am - 4pm PT and are scheduled months in advance so you know what's coming.

There are more ways to engage with the Collective than just events, although we love connecting in real time with each other! For example:

  • 🎙 Tune into our private podcast: Listen to a masterclasses, community reflections, and more on the go with our member-only feed.
  • 👯‍♀️ Match up with a Purpose Partner: Volunteer to be paired up with someone each month to hold you accountable to working on your goals.
  • ▶️ Watch a recording: We have a wide library of event recordings and an easy-to-navigate library to find what would help you the most (via Airtable).
  • 💬 Connect with members individually or in a small group: Have something specific you need help on or want to form a small accountability group? Our custom platform allows you to message members directly or form a group for you!

The course

Upon registration for the Collective, you will also be given login details for our course platform (Teachable) where all the Academy course modules, lessons, and exercises live.

It's a very intuitive system that will make everything easy to find.

During the first 12 weeks of every new membership period, the Academy will be run live, and you will get email reminders about new modules, updates, helpful resources, and more.

Watch this short Reel to see what happens on your first day.

The Academy is run as a live course over the first 12 weeks of your initial membership period.

Watch this short Reel to see what happens during the Academy.

It will guide you to clarify your path forward, uncover your unique "why" that combats burnout, and execute a profitable (and purposeful!) business strategy that will extend throughout all parts of your life, too.

On average, our members have said setting aside an average of 1-2 hours a week helps them get the most out of the Collective.

During the Academy, you can expect to:

  • 🎥 Watch 1 new video module every 2 weeks
  • 📝 Complete a short workbook exercise
  • 💬 Submit your work to your dedicated mentor
  • 💌 Watch your mentor's feedback via short Loom video
  • 📣 Attend 1 live monthly coaching call with me

Outside of the live coaching call, all of this is done on your own time + schedule.

You will be paired up with a Purpose Mentor - a superstar member of the Collective who really *gets* purpose and all things business - to provide support, accountability, and guidance every step of the way during the Academy.

Special incentives are given to members who finish with the group during the first 12 weeks and it's recommended you do so to get the most out the Collective!

(All Collective members go through the Academy when they first join so it creates a powerful common language + shared experience for our community. You have access to the Academy coursework as long as you're a member of the Collective.)

There are 5 powerful modules with video lessons and clarity-building exercises designed to help you uncover your unique "why" (that combats burnout) and develop a strategy to bring it to life in your business, including:

  • Module One: Reflection // Look backward to your past to dive into the core of who you are.
  • Module Two: Vision // Gaze ahead to decide who you want to become and what you want to create in the future.
  • Module Three: Purpose // Learn the definition of purpose and declare yours creatively!
  • Module Four: Inventory // Assess your present and identify what you need - in life + biz - to create more alignment with your purpose.
  • Module Five: Strategy // Define the strategic objectives you'll focus on to grow your business along with a detailed action plan.

During your first 3 month of your initial membership period during the Academy, you will be paired up with a Purpose Mentor, who will guide you to uncover your purpose and develop a business strategy from the inside out.

This is a superstar member of the Collective who truly *gets* purpose and all things business and will be able to provide you with feedback and guidance every step of the way.

Current Purpose Mentors include*:

You will be assigned a mentor that is best suited to help you based on your business stage upon entering the Collective.

*Purpose Mentors are subject to change depending on scheduling + availability.

The community

Community activity takes place in a private platform called Mighty Networks. This is NOT a free Facebook group!! It is customized specifically for the Create Your Purpose Collective and is very easy to use. You can access it on desktop or via a mobile app.

Watch this short Reel to see what happens on your first day.

We have three core events that happen monthly:

  • ⚡️ Purpose Power Hour - A virtual co-working session that takes place on the first weekday of the month where we - as a community - reflect on how the past month went and plan ahead for the next.
  • 👯‍♀️ Community Confab - A group discussion on the third Tuesday of the month where members can share their wins, talk through challenges, and get specific support on something they are working on.
  • 📚 Masterclass - A live educational webinar on the final Thursday of the month when Quinn or a guest expert teaches on a specific topic that addresses the community's needs. Past topics include Money Mindset, Instagram Marketing, Transitioning from the 9-5, Anti-Racism in Business, and more.

There are other events that pop up quarterly including the Collective Book Club, Quarterly Planning Workshops, member-led Lunch & Learns, "Purpose Parties," and more!

*During the Academy, we encourage new members to focus on the coursework. If you have more time and want to attend Collective-wide events, great! But, the Academy is important to focus on as a new member.

Yes! One of our members' favorite things is getting matched up with a Purpose Partner each quarter for an extra dose of accountability and support.

We also have a few sub-groups where you can connect with like-minded members. Currently, we have a Mamapreneur group and a group for artists.

It's also easy to communicate privately in our community platform by sending a personal DM to someone!

As of January 2022, there are around 40 members in the Collective. The Winter 2022 cohort will add 10-15 new members for a total of around 50-55. It's intimate enough to allow for personal connections to forge but big enough for you to be able to tap into a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise.


Feel free to take a look at it right here - you won't be able to access the masterclasses, but you can see exactly what you'll get, which includes 45+ masterclasses. You can sort by topic if you're looking to learn something specific, or by the stage of business you're in.


This community has a no refunds, transfers or cancellations policy. You are committed to paying in full up front or following through with your monthly payments in totality.

We accept all credit card or debit card payments via Stripe. You will complete your payment through our secure portal upon registration in Teachable.


Definitely! We currently have members from 5 different countries around the globe. All our events are planned out quarterly, so you know what's coming in advance.

The majority of events do take place between 8am - 4pm PT.

If you can't make it live to events or calls, recordings are always posted in the community and our private podcast. There are also ways to connect with members individually on your own time or in small groups.

Applications close on February 3rd and new members will be enrolled into the Collective on February 7th, 2022! Their initial membership period will end in August 2022 and they will have the option to renew then.

Please contact Quinn directly and she'll answer as soon as she can: