Purpose-ify your Website & Copy with Krista Walsh

In this episode of the Create Your Purpose Podcast, I chat with Krista Walsh, copywriter and content strategist. We dive into all things messaging, website, & copy so tune in to hear tactical tips to up-level your business!
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Published on  June 23, 2022

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Anyone who has ever DIY’ed their website knows it’s wayyyy more than just a website. It’s your purpose brought to life!

And as Krista Walsh – copywriter & content strategist – says, it can also be your primary sales tool. That is, *if* you approach it with purpose.

If you’re ready to up-level your website & copy to attract your ideal clients more consistently, Episode 31 of the Create Your Purpose podcast is now live wherever you get your podcasts!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Krista’s tactical tips to up-level your About page (hint: it’s not *really* about you).
  • Ways to zero in on aspects of your biz to share & what to leave out.
  • How to sell your offers without feeling spammy.
  • The questions to ask to keep your marketing full of integrity.

Resources Mentioned:

FREE RESOURCE: Krista’s free DIY Website Checklist shows you what to include on each page of your website.

About Krista Walsh

Krista Walsh is a website copywriter and strategist helping client-based businesses turn their websites into lead-generating machines. She’s the person you call when you want your website done right from the ground up! Visit Krista’s website or follow her on Instagram.