5 Instagram Content Types & Formats that Work in 2022

In this solo episode, I share my best tips and tricks for how to confidently create Instagram content that lands with your audience in 2022!

Published on  April 14, 2022

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Boy, has the Instagram content landscape changed over the years! So many of you have shared with me that you’re tired of spending so much time creating content for the ‘Gram. Plus, when you do, your audience sounds like a chorus of crickets.

Let’s change that!!

Ready to confidently create content that *actually* lands with your audience in 2022? Listen to Episode #25… now live wherever you get your podcasts!

In this solo episode, I dive into:

  • Carousels and why they increase engagement
  • Building audience affinity with opinionated content
  • Memes & why they’re the perfect “show-not-tell” content
  • Why your audience will love motivating posts
  • A simple way to feel more confident with Reels

Here are the examples that I mention in the episode:


Challenge / Status Quo


Inspiring / Motivating