The Journey to the Doodle Bus with Nikki May

Ready for a magical mystery tour of entrepreneurship, filled with twists & turns and an artsy school bus complete with a full-size bathtub?! Buckle up to hear from Nikki May, artist + designer, in Episode 26 of the Create Your Purpose Podcast!
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Published onΒ  April 28, 2022

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In this episode of the Create Your Purpose Podcast, I’m chatting with Nikki May β€” artist, designer, and Create Your Purpose Collective member β€” about her new adventure on the Doodle Bus.

Fasten your seatbelts as we hear how Nikki is packing up to move into a school-bus-turned-tiny-house-on-wheels to live, work, create, and travel in!

In this conversation with Nikki, you’ll hear:

  • Why art was Nikki’s saving grace in her corporate career and why she moved to Kentucky to pursue it.
  • The choices she’s made to purposefully shift the balance of her business towards more art, more of the time.
  • Her fantastic vision for the Doodle Bus (and why it includes a full-sized bathtub!)

πŸŽ™  Intrigued to hear how Nikki’s purposeful decision-making in business & life led to her next big adventure? πŸŽ™

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