Navigating Energy, Boundaries & Growth with Natasha Samuel

Natasha Samuel is everyone's favorite IG educator and the Queen of Reels! In this Episode of the Create Your Purpose Podcast, Natasha and I chat about how to better navigate your energy as an entrepreneur by balancing self-care and hard work.
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Published on  January 6, 2022

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You probably know @shinewithnatasha on Instagram, right? Natasha Samuel is everyone’s favorite IG educator and Queen of Reels. She’s also a founding member of my Create Your Purpose Collective (? spots opening soon! join the waitlist here) and I’ve seen just how important purpose has been in her business growth.

I invited Natasha onto my podcast to spill the (matcha) tea ? on how she protects & replenishes her energy so SHE, too, can shine online, and of course – in turn – help *you* do the same.

Wondering how you can better navigate your energy as an entrepreneur, setting boundaries and taking care of yourself while *still* working hard to grow?

Listen to Episode 18 of the Create Your Purpose Podcast to find out!

In this intimate discusssion, you’ll hear:

  • Why Natasha constantly pays attention to her “energy battery” and the specific ways that she recharges it.
  • How in the world she was able to navigate viral business growth over the past year when things almost seemed to be going *too* fast.
  • The ways Natasha is shifting her business in 2022 by honoring her capacity and setting clear boundaries with herself and others.

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