The Story of How I Became an Entrepreneur

Interested in the gnarly, twisted path that took me from acting on stage in L.A. to getting my first client in a coffee shop in a Phoenix suburb? In this episode of the Create Your Purpose Podcast, I sit down to share my entrepreneurial journey.

Published on  December 9, 2021

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Everyone always jokes that my name makes me sound like Marvel’s next superhero… Quinn Tempest: controller of extreme desert temperatures and twirler of colorful murals!! ?‍♀️ And as with any good superhero, they should also have a complex, action-packed, and lightly humorous ORIGIN STORY.

So, I decided to sit down and tell you mine…

This isn’t the story of how I built my business. This is the story precedes that. I wanted to share it with you because – as entrepreneurs – our stories matter. Our past experiences shape us. And by reflecting on them, we can often find the clues to our entrepreneurial purpose – that inner emotional drive that motivates us to start and build businesses that matters.

In this solo episode, you’ll hear:

  • The multiple businesses I started as a kid, including one that involved cutting up $1 bedsheets from Goodwill.
  • The job that took me to the Playboy Mansion three times (and also landed me in the hospital).
  • How a year in a yoga teacher training program changed my life and planted the seeds for the business I’ve been running for 10 years.

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