Connecting the Dots as a Multi-passionate Entrepreneur

Are you a multi-passionate entrepreneur? So is Laura Neff! Listen to Episode 8 to hear how she's connected the dots between her multiple passions + businesses and used her purpose as her guide to filter opportunities and make decisions with moreease.

Published on  July 2, 2021

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We all want to uncover purpose in our lives and maybe, right now, you’re at a crossroads. You feel a bit stuck as to what next step to take and unsure how to move forward. If that’s the case, this episode is just for you!

Meet Laura Neff: she is a brand photographer, business coach, and serial entrepreneur, as well as a member my Create Your Purpose Collective. For years, she was stuck working a job she didn’t enjoy until, eventually, she made the decision to leave and start multiple online businesses. That ended up changing her life.

In this episode, we discuss how she started these businesses, her struggles, her vision for the future, and how she “connects the dots” between her multiples passions and business with purpose.

Episode Highlights

  • Laura’s early life and how she got to where she is now 
  • What Laura’s connecting thread (i.e. PURPOSE) is 
  • How Laura set up her website
  • Laura’s current struggles and visions for her future
  • Laura’s thoughts on success and how to define yours
  • How Laura has integrated reflection in building her business

Earlier in the episode, I mentioned that the Create Your Purpose Challenge is happening again. We start July 6th! If you’re looking to move your business forward and create a simple system to ground your dreams in reality, join us here!

About Laura Neff

Laura Neff is a brand photographer, business coach, and serial entrepreneur. Her mission in life is to turn purpose-driven entrepreneurs like you, live up to your potential and find freedom and success in a way that feels aligned to you.

Originally, Laura graduated from college as an interior designer and immediately had a job offer. She initially thought this job would be her dream but then that dream turned into her absolute nightmare. It was at this lowest point of her life where she got the chance to shoot her first wedding and that changed everything. She eventually quit her day job and went all in on photography. 

This photography journey of her’s led her to a new path and today, Laura runs three businesses with the purpose of helping people discover, pursue and live out their passions as well as build a life and business they love. 

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