Ads aren’t so Scary (or Slimy) with Luan Jardine

What if you saw ads for your business as a powerful method to help you create your purpose instead of something slimy? I chat with Luan Jardine, my personal ads strategist, about her recent shift in her business and how you can get started with ads.

Published on  October 14, 2021

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Wouldn’t it feel pretty fabulous to know you’re building your list on auto-pilot every single day?Wouldn’t that take A LOT of pressure off of your marketing efforts?!

You can do that with ADS.

But, wait! Don’t be scared.

They do NOT have to be as “slimy” as the ones you’re maybe used to. In fact, you *can* run ads with purpose.

That’s why I invited my own personal ads strategist, Luan Jardine, to talk with me on this episode about non-slimy ads that can sustain your business EVEN when Facebook & Instagram have a sudden global outage.

When people think about advertising, their mind immediately goes to loss and profit. For Luan, it is so much more than that. Luan wants to help amplify the meaningful messages of business owners through her skill-set in Facebook & Instagram Advertising. It fuels her soul to work with entrepreneurs that are striving to create, change, or make the lives of people better. Luan helps change-makers reach a like-minded audience that find positive value in the business’ message.

Listen to this episode where we’ll de-mystify ads, share how you can show up in your marketing with more confidence, and grow your audience with less stress.

Episode Highlights

  • Slimy, “insecurity-based” advertising vs. value-based advertising that makes a difference.⁠
  • How to know when it’s the right TIME for you to invest in paid advertising (and why you really should consider it).⁠
  • The paradox of confidence in showing up and sharing your message in your marketing.⁠

Want to get started with value-based ads? Download Luan’s Outsourcing Guide for Facebook Ads or her DIY Facebook Ads Guide to get going.