Overcome Analysis Paralysis with Dr. Lauren Cook

In this episode, I sat down to chat with Dr. Lauren Cook to unpack a problem all entrepreneurs face: analysis paralysis. If you're struggling to commit to something (anything!), listen in to hear how your values can be your guide.
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Published on  February 3, 2022

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Does making decisions in your business feel like you boarded The Struggle Bus? … You’re not alone! Analysis paralysis is a common theme amongst members of my Collective and almost all entrepreneurs I’ve worked with face it at some point in their business. That’s why I decided to bring in a professional to unpack it!

Dr. Lauren Cook is a trained therapist, career coach, and speaker, and she’s full of insights on how to to make values-based decisions efficiently and effectively, even in the face of fear and uncertainty. If you’re struggling to commit to something in your biz and want to know how to stop listening to that nagging voice in your head, listen to Episode #20 of the Create Your Purpose Podcast!

In this interview, you’ll hear:

  • Ways to relieve the internal pressure to do “all the things” all at once while growing your business.
  • How to identify your values as an entrepreneur and why they can help you make decisions with ease.
  • What “behavioral action” is and how it can help you bust through overwhelm and stop *should-ing* yourself.
  • The importance of mental health as an entrepreneur and how to check-in regularly – straight from a psychologist!

Are you ready to live with intention? Download Dr. Lauren Cook’s free Defining Your Values Guide. This workbook walks you through the steps to identify your top 10 values, so you can begin living with clarity and renewed purpose.

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