How to Sell More without Selling Out with Erika Tebbens

In this episode of the Create Your Purpose podcast, I speak with Erika Tebbens about the more subtle, internal shifts you can take that will make you *actually* feel good about selling. Trust me, you'll want to listen in!
Erika Tebbens

Published on  September 1, 2022

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I’m currently in a season of sharing all thing marketing & sales. So, in the spirit of the season, I invited Erika Tebbens – an expert on sleaze-free sales – to join me on this episode of the Create Your Purpose Podcast.

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Erika shares actionable tips along with her insights on the more subtle, internal shifts that will help you *actually* feel good about selling. Yes, it is possible! 🙌

🎙 Do you want more clients! signups! revenue! but sales just feels soooo icky to you? 🎙

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In this interview, you’ll hear:

  • How to have conversations with your ideal customers & clients that *actually* convert (& don’t feel spammy!)
  • Erika’s favorite quote from A League of Their Own (& why it can re-energize your marketing)
  • Why “just create content” is NOT advice that drives real biz results & how to approach social media differently
  • The 1 mental shift about sales that will change EVERYTHING & help you grow your business with purpose

About Erika Tebbens:

Erika Tebbens is a Business Growth Strategist & Sales Coach for visionary entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and get paid well without compromising who they are or what they care about. She works with established service-providers, consultants, and coaches to create customized growth plans without complex systems, sleazy sales tactics, or working more. She also dishes out honest & actionable business advice weekly on The Sell it, Sister!® Podcast.

Learn more about Erika’s Rebellious Success program: a high-touch, group coaching experience for service providers & coaches who are beyond the basics and ready to reach their next-level goals without working more or selling out.