Crush your Money Goals with Bernadette Joy

Does even thinking about your biz bank account make your knees quake? You're not alone! Hear from debt-free money coach, Bernadette Joy, to learn how to invest in your business' future.

Published on  September 29, 2022

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Boy is money a LOADED topic!

Especially if you’re a small business owner or solopreneur…

You’re *always* thinking about it – how to get it, save it, use it… you name it, it’s on your mind.

That’s why it was high time I brought a money expert onto the podcast to help you learn how to move towards financial independence in your business (& your brain).

🎙 Curious how you can invest in your business’ future *without* taking on more debt? 🎙

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • 💰 How Bernadette eliminated $300k in debt and turned her experience into a business helping others do the same.
  • 🧘 What financial wellness is and how to define it for yourself
  • ✨ The gender wealth gap and how women in business can help close the distance
  • ✅ Actionable tips to help you invest in you business’ future

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