The 5 Stages of Business, Explained!

In Episode 35 of the Create Your Purpose Podcast, I walk you through the 5 stages of business - from curiosity and experimentation to scaling and alignment!

Published on  August 18, 2022

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Knowing your stage of business can be SO powerful because it helps you focus on the *right* kind of action that will move your business forward.

I’ve seen such a change come over hundreds of entrepreneurs who I’ve introduced these stages to… Because when they know what to focus on when, they see more sales! less stress! more purpose! 

Naturally, I couldn’t keep these to myself any longer!!

Curious how you can bust through your current challenges & build momentum in your biz? Listen to Episode 35 to find out!

In this solocast, you’ll learn:

  • The backstory of why I created the stages in the first place
  • Why your stage can help you grow your biz from a place of purpose (NOT overwhelm)
  • A breakdown of each stage: Curious Carole, Builder Becky, Hustlin’ Hannah, Scaling Sam, & Aligned Alexis
  • Clear action steps biz owners at each stage can take to move forward

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