The Facilitator

Your Power Phrase:

"I enable..."

Your have a passion and knack for making things happen!

You are organized, analytical, and highly goal-oriented.

You are able to hold multiple ideas in your mind at once and make sense out of chaos.

 All of these reasons are why your purpose is to serve others in bringing their ideas to life.

You possess a deep sense of service, and feel most at home in yourself when helping others.  That doesn't mean you don't have your own ideas too, but you prefer to work your magic in the background with a quiet sense of determination and purpose.


What happens when you fully create your purpose as a facilitator?

You easily connect and work with visionaries and leaders that excite you. You tap into a deeper meaning behind your work and bring that to life in everything you do. You clearly see how seemingly menial and detail-oriented tasks contribute to the greater impact. You balance your strong sense of drive and organization with self-care and reflection.

Your Strengths

Organization and collaboration skills

Critical thinking and problem-solving

A knack for optimization

What to cultivate

Healthy productivity habits that help you curb burnout

Creating time to work on your own ideas

Finding collaborators you respect AND who challenge you

Scale of your Impact

Working at a high level doesn't scare you, in fact it excites you! Go big as long as you can maintain your own personal sense of balance and well-being, and never forget to reconnect with the deeper drive behind your work.

OK, I read my purpose profile...

Now, how do I use it?

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What is your secondary profile?

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