The Educator

Your Power Phrase:

"I teach..."

You are a natural-born educator and have always had a drive to gift your knowledge to others in a way that helps them improve.

You are constantly learning, reading, and staying up-to-date with current information and trends.

You have a knack for organizing information and delivering it in a succinct, informative way.

People look up to you because you lead by example and put your wisdom into action.


What happens when you fully create your purpose as an educator?

You combine knowledge and intention to help people. You have a clear understanding of the difference you can make, and you create systems, plans, and strategies to deliver information in a way that aligns with your goals. You are inspiring and enlightening and you know the deeper meaning behind your work.

Your Strengths

Knowledge organization

Building clarity through wisdom

Clear and artful communication skills

What to cultivate

Clear intentions and goals

Self-care and balance

Infusing more 'you' into all that you do

Scale of your Impact

Although you like to hone your message on a small scale, testing and refining it, your potential is limitless. It's up to you to decide what scale you want to make, but know that you have the opportunity for big things especially if you can focus on the deeper meaning behind the knowledge your offer.

OK, I read my purpose profile...

Now, how do I use it?

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What is your secondary profile?

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