The Creator

Your Power Phrase:

"I create..."

You live to create! You bring ideas and concepts to life from nothing more than a dash of inspiration.

You possess a deep drive to express what's inside of you in a meaningful way.

Your inner world is sacred because you know that YOU are the ultimate creative tool of your expression.

Because of this, you tend to mostly create on your own, but you're interested in how your individual acts of creation can be transformative for people and the world at large.

You're constantly pursuing and refining what your unique message is, and in doing so, you're not afraid to experiment.


What happens when you fully create your purpose as a creator?

 You bring ideas to life with ease! You often find yourself getting lost in a state-of-flow, bringing forth more creative expression than ever before. At the same time, you are able to strike a balance between creativity and structure. You search out and collaborate with people who can help facilitate your ideas, allowing you to tap into the deeper purpose of your work and bring it to life through everything you create.

Your Strengths

Unbridled creativity

A knack for coming up with original ideas

A keen intuition

What to cultivate

Strategic planning and analytical thinking

Intentional collaboration with people who can facilitate your ideas

Structure and focus

Scale of your Impact

Although your work is best created at a personal and intimate scale, your reach can be limitless. This is especially true as you learn to tap into the deeper motivations behind your work and learn to step into your full creative expression. Don't be afraid to reach out to people who possess a strong planning and analytical skillset in order to help you grow.

OK, I read my purpose profile...

Now, how do I use it?

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What is your secondary profile?

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