The Changemaker

Your Power Phrase:

"I transform..."

You understand that change ignited on a personal level by deep, inner work can reverberate out to the world with positive ripples.

You believe in people and their resiliency and ability to change.

You want to be the enabler to help them look inwards, understand what holds them back, and move forward with both healing and intention.

You are intuitive and understand the deeper truth behind decisions and experiences, likely pulling from your own personal experiences and lessons learned.


What happens when you fully create your purpose as a changemaker?

You impact so many people's lives in the deepest way possible. You are deeply insightful into the human condition and use that knowledge to create systems, strategies, services, and offers to help people know themselves and transform their lives. People look to you for not only inspiration but for wisdom and truth.

Your Strengths

Listening and empathy

Intuition and insightfulness

Pursuit of truth

What to cultivate

Strategic thinking

Planning and organization

A simplified, focused message

Scale of your Impact

You tend to lean toward small, intimate settings where you can create a safe space for those you serve to open up. However, you see the possibilities to touch more hearts within small group settings or even speaking. Stay open to these instincts, they may lead you to broaden your impact in a sustainable manner.

OK, I read my purpose profile...

Now, how do I use it?

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What is your secondary profile?

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