The Catalyst

Your Power Phrase:

"I ignite change..."

You want to ignite or accelerate change through innovation and transformation.

You are knowledgeable and educated on a specific topic or topics, and know what needs to be done in order to catalyze real and lasting change for people and/or businesses.

You are constantly searching for new ideas and perspectives that will enable these big shifts, and you easily spot relevant trends before they go mainstream.

You can often experience resistance from those who want to maintain the status quo, but your optimism and the sheer power of your vision for the future keeps you motivated.

You are persistent, devoted, and believe in the transformative merits of your work.


What happens when you fully create your purpose as a catalyst?

You hold a vision for the future you see coming, and everything you create or help others create brings that vision closer to reality. Even with setbacks, you stay the course and gather the resources and connections you need to make an impact. You leave a mark that makes a real and lasting difference.

Your Strengths


Deep topical knowledge


What to cultivate

Staying grounded

Streamlined, scalable processes

Trusted collaborators to help implement your ideas

Scale of your Impact

You don't shy away from making change at a broad level, and that level of scale is up to you - maybe it's change within a small community, interest group or maybe you go big and aim to catalyze change in society as a whole. The world is your oyster!

OK, I read my purpose profile...

Now, how do I use it?

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What is your secondary profile?

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