Create Your Purpose®


Root yourself in a deeper purpose. Build an impactful business with intention. Expand beyond what you believe is possible for your work AND your life.

Create Your Purpose®


Root yourself in a deeper purpose. Build an impactful business with intention. Expand beyond what you believe is possible for your work AND your life.

A curated community of entrepreneurs like you who are dedicated to building a business (and an entire life) on purpose and with purpose.

Create Your Purpose Collective Members are...

  • Paradigm Shifters - They believe their work can be more than just a "job." They want to grow an intentional business in a way that's 100% aligned with their values.
  • Curious Learners - They're hungry to learn how to turn their biz into a force for good that fuels their higher purpose AND their profits. They know entrepreneurship can be a driver of their personal growth.
  • Balance Creators - They distance themselves from the popular hustle mindset and build an intentional business without the burn-out. They strive for balance and resist wearing "busy" like a badge of honor.
  • Go-Getters - They take action in order to bring their ideas to life, and they're open to learning skills, mastering new habits, and holding themselves accountable in order to do so!
  • Magic Makers - They have glimpsed the magic that comes from leading an creative and empowered entrepreneurial life and they’re ready for more.

If you’re ready to harness your unique strengths and expand your business and life with a greater sense of purpose, you'll need guidance and support to take your ideas and make them a reality.

The Collective experience is for entrepreneurs of all levels who are ready to say GOODBYE to burnout, overwhelm, and hustle and HELLO to more purpose, profit, and empowerment.

Let me guess the real reason you’re reading this….

You didn’t become an entrepreneur because you wanted to feel overwhelmed, burnt out, or on the verge of giving up most of the time.

No, you built your business because you wanted freedom. Creativity. You wanted to build meaningful things and to feel inspired and energized all along the way!

But, how you are right now feels anything BUT empowered...

Maybe you have a vision running through your mind of who you want to become & what kind of business you want to have...

But, your current reality doesn't look a thing like it and you have *no idea* how to get from HERE to THERE.

Or maybe you feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels doing #allthethings, but nothing is really getting you anywhere.

Or maybe you’re constantly pulled in 500 directions and nothing feels connected, so you blame everything and everyone (your marketing! your team! your best friend’s dog! yourself!)

Or you’re stuck in your head, trying to *think* your way to clarity, agonizing over what the “right” next step will be for your biz, and then you never end up making any moves at all.

Or perhaps, RIGHT when you’re starting to make progress, you sabotage yourself with procrastination and resistance, and you can’t seem to break the cycle.

Or it could even be that you’re overloaded with information - tactics, strategies, tools, courses, blueprints (oh my!) - and you have no clue what would be most helpful for YOU.

To add to it all…

You feel alone and unsupported.

You wish you had someone who would “get” you and this whole crazy existence of being an entrepreneur in this day-and-age.

You want someone to support you, to listen to you, to help you connect the dots between all that you do so you can lead with more purpose, clarity, and intention. To finally get out of the rut you’re stuck in and become the entrepreneur (and human) you know you CAN be!

What if I told you that you don’t have to be alone and unsupported anymore? That there are other people just like you.

Because there are...

Most of my Collective members want the same things you do. They want to…

  • Re-root themselves in the deeper “why” that drove them to become an entrepreneur in the first place OR uncover it for the very first time.
  • Connect the dots between all that they do so they can STOP spinning their wheels and START *actually* making things happen.
  • Build meaningful relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs who instantly “GET” them, can relate to them, and have helpful stories and tips to share.
  • Get clear on business nuts-and-bolts: who their audience is, what service or product offerings will help them grow, and how to be sustainably profitable over time.
  • Build momentum and take meaningful action after years of gathering information, taking courses, and signing up for all the freebies!
  • Create systems and processes that help them scale their energy so they can work less “in the weeds” and more as a visionary they know they can be.

And - most of all - they want to build a business that makes a true, meaningful difference...all the while, living a more easeful, joyful life!

So, what’s holding you back from stepping into your full potential?

A lot of entrepreneurs spend most of their time and energy focusing on lots and lots of “STUFF.”

The pursuit of inbox zero. The time management tactics. The constant hunt for new customers. The latest Instagram trend to try. The dwindling profit margins.

Look, none of these things (what I call your “WHAT’S”) are inherently bad. In fact, they need you to pay attention to them so your business can survive!

But surviving isn’t the same as thriving.

The problem is that most entrepreneurs get STUCK in their “what’s,” never diving below the surface to clarify a deeper WHY that connects everything they do.

Yet, what I’ve discovered is that the best way to find sustainable success (that goes way beyond *just* your bottom line) is this:

Let your WHY drive your WHAT.

Not the other way around, and not one without the other. A clear sense of PURPOSE that drives you forward and is expressed in everything you do.

Now - of course - purpose isn’t magic, but it sure can feel magical when you can lead your business (and your entire life) with more intention. When you can stop trying to follow the blueprints that worked for someone else, and - instead - define what YOU authentically want to create...and then go out and create it!

Making the move from frazzled to fulfilled is easier said than done and it can often feel like the whole world is conspiring to keep you "stuck in your WHAT’S."

That’s why I truly believe that having a mentor who has walked this path - successfully navigating both the WHY and the WHAT - herself is essential. It’s also why I believe that being within a supportive community of other like-minded business owners is a powerful way to fast-track this transformation.

And this is the reason why I created the Create Your Purpose Collective.


"Working with Quinn inside the Create Your Purpose Collective has helped bring my business to the next level."

Before joining, I was on the verge of adrenal fatigue and felt overwhelmed and stressed in my business and life. Now, I make decisions that fuel my purpose in my business and that effortlessness has expanded to personal life as well. Not to mention, I 2x’ed my income within a few months of joining, launched my very first podcast, and eliminated service offerings that were draining me!

The entire Collective experience has easily been the best investment I've made in my business for the invaluable support, community, training, calls, and exercises to help support my goals.

Natasha Samuel

Digital Marketing Strategist & Online Entrepreneur

Create Your Purpose


Keep reading to find out how this experience works and how you can apply to join us! OR head straight to the application here.


The Create Your Purpose Collective isn’t just one thing. It is….

  • One part community
  • One part coaching
  • One part course

It is an immersive, interactive experience - led by yours truly - that combines deep personal reflection with strategic business-building guidance within a supportive, community-focused environment. Members are guided on how to define the impact they want to make and given the knowledge and support to go out and MAKE IT.

P.S. "Create Your Purpose" is way more than just a tagline...

It’s not just an inspiring phrase, the kind you see painted on cute mugs all over Instagram. It’s a movement. A philosophy. A mindset.

And within the Collective, it is a framework...

One that I have intentionally designed to help you transform from frazzled to fulfilled, from confused to knowledgeable, and from aimless to empowered. To help you clarify your purpose, learn how to bring it to life, then go out and create it!

Here’s how it works…

What Members Get

To help you learn how to intentionally harness the dynamic of letting your WHY drive your WHAT, I’ve designed the Collective with two major elements: the course and the community.

The Course

Learn how to clarify your WHY.

The Create Your Purpose℠ Academy contains foundational coursework that all members go through when they first enter the Collective. Its primary objective is to help you clarify your purpose and create a strategy to bring it to life.

The Community

Get support to align your WHY & WHAT.

You will join a private, highly engaged Facebook group where you can connect with likeminded members, get the support and accountability you need to make progress, and learn the tools, strategies, and tactics to build and align your purpose in everything you do.

The Course

Learn how to clarify your WHY.

The Create Your Purpose℠ Academy contains foundational coursework that all members go through when they first enter the Collective. Its primary objective is to help you clarify your purpose and create a strategy to bring it to life.

The Community

Get support to align your WHY & WHAT.

You will join a private, highly engaged Facebook group where you can connect with likeminded members, get the support and accountability you need to make progress, and learn the tools, strategies, and tactics to build and align your purpose in everything you do.

The Course

The Create Your Purpose℠ Academy will give you a strong foundation to build upon as you tap into your potential and transform into a purpose-driven entrepreneur. You will learn how to clarify your WHY and build a strategy that will take you from aimless to empowered in your business and your life.

Inside the Academy, you will get:
  • 6 powerful modules with video lessons that will help you uncover your purpose. They include stories that will inspire you and action steps to help you integrate and apply what you learn into your business and your life.
  • 5 exercises designed to help you build clarity.
  • Group coaching calls to encourage connections, sharing, and accountability.
  • Possibilities for personalized reviews of your coursework exercises & a special gift upon “graduation!”*

Watch a 3-minute sneak peek of a course module lesson:

*Although members have access to the Academy coursework as long as they’re in the Collective, it is run live over the first two months of every new cohort’s membership period, and special incentives (possibilities for personalized coursework review, special gifts, and more) are given to members who finish with the group during that time.


“I kept having ‘a-ha moments’ that propelled me onward and helped me clearly see what my next steps should be.”

Quinn and the Create Your Purpose Collective came into my life at the perfect time. I was tossing around the idea of going full-time for myself but lacked clarity around who I was as a business owner and what my dreams and true purpose were.

While digging deep and going through the coursework, I kept having ‘a-ha!’ moments that propelled me onward and helped me clearly see what my next steps should be.”

The accountability and community I gained from the group live video calls and masterclasses gave me the spirit I needed to shine my light as the CEO of my own business. I have truly “created my purpose,” and can’t wait to see where her Collective guides me next!

Megan Reed

Lettering Artist and Designer

The Community

This is an intimate, highly engaged and private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your wins, get feedback, and revel in the support (and inspiration) of your fellow members who are growing and learning right alongside you. I’ve integrated regularly-scheduled monthly programming to help you build on your clarity from the Academy and connect with your fellow members more deeply.

Inside the Community, you will get:
  • Advanced trainings and masterclasses to help you develop the skills to build a sustainable business taught by me or guest experts (see topics in next section!). Plus, access to previously-taught masterclasses in a growing resource library.
  • Action challenges to accelerate your momentum and help you reach specific goals.
  • Monthly group coaching calls led by me where we can share wins, challenges, and insights and I can offer strategic advice to ensure you are taking consistent action.
  • Lessons to help you become a more mindful entrepreneur with group discussion prompts.
  • “Purpose Partner” pairings to get to know your fellow members & gain mentorship.
  • Virtual co-working and action-planning sessions, social hours, and more!

Watch this community preview to see all the things happening in the group!

The community is really where the Collective experience fully comes to life. This isn't your typical Facebook group! Members post weekly, I share discussion prompts, we join together for video watch parties, and we all connect in a really fun, powerful way.

What Topics Will we cover in the community?

New topics are explored in different formats with fresh content all throughout the month. Advanced trainings and masterclasses will help you develop additional skills for growing a business on purpose, including topics like:

Brand Strategy

Get clear on your audience, voice, and brand mission and learn how to communicate it effectively in all that you do.


Learn ways to maintain balance and optimize your time with productivity tactics, tools, and healthy habit formation.

Digital Marketing

Understand how to create and sustain a holistic marketing strategy, including email, social media, and content marketing.

Authentic Business

Explore the art of creating a business that is an authentic expression of YOU, outside of the popular hype, hustle, and hacks.


Understand how to establish boundaries and create systems to scale your energy, your attention, and your whole business.


Tap into your confidence and creativity through mindfulness practices, following your curiosity, experimentation, and sharing.

What Collective Members Have Said


“Joining The Collective has been the best investment I’ve made in my personal development.”

Creating my purpose under Quinn’s direction was pivotal in identifying and understanding what is important to me, thus giving me the confidence to change the course of my professional direction (practically overnight/or in less than a quarter). As a marketing professional with over two decades of experience, I’ve learned new skills in digital marketing, social media, and project management. The encouragement from the authentic professional connections I’ve made has been invaluable.

Laurie T

MarCom Executive + Lifestyle Brand Founder


“Quinn has created a flourishing community that reminded me that I’m not alone."

I came into the Collective having a lot of little pieces of my business scattered around me, but without a clear idea of how to connect it to a deeper purpose that would help me grow sustainably. Everything Quinn has built into this experience has given me more clarity, more of a sense of purpose in the direction of my business, and she knows just the right questions to how to lead me forward on my path. I love hearing what others are doing and enjoy sharing in this process together.

Jessica Sandhu

Health Coach & Yoga Instructor


I was one month into launching my business when I joined the CYP Collective, and although I felt like I knew my purpose, I wasn’t able to articulate it clearly or authentically. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start, let alone how to connect all of those things in a meaningful way.

After just a few months in, I have done a complete website overhaul to align my messaging with my purpose as well as build a strong marketing foundation. What has helped me most is the community connections that Quinn has given us. I now have access to an incredible group of women who just “get it” and provide support and advice along the way.

I also thrive with structure, templates, etc (hi, I’m an ESTJ) so I LOVE the workbooks that Quinn created for each unit within the Academy. The lessons on how to develop a strategy and action plan helped me create a really solid project plan that I’ve followed. I’m grateful for the community and look forward to more learning and connecting with amazing people!

Alex Black

Business Management Coach

The Commitment Details

The Create Your Purpose Collective is an online, ongoing membership community, course, and coaching experience. New members are accepted into the Collective by application only during limited enrollment periods during the year and can stay in the Collective as long as they’d like. All new memberships and membership renewals require a 6-month commitment. The Academy coursework is available to members for however long they are in the community and runs live for the first two months of every new cohort’s membership period. New members for this enrollment period will be enrolled on 2/24/20.

The Investment

By becoming a member of the Collective, you’re truly making an investment in yourself, in your business, and in your future. This is a powerful way to gain access to an active community brain trust of like-minded humans that I have personally curated, a truly transformational course that pulls in my years of expertise and experience, and ongoing monthly programming that is tactical, fun, and inspiring.

Members are accepted by application only. If your application is accepted, payment will be required to secure your spot in the Collective.

Two payment options are available. These rates are for a 6-month membership:

Six Payments OF


Billed monthly on a recurring subscription

One Payment OF


(Save $130!)

Full payment due up-front

Why I created this

Hi, I’m Quinn Tempest, entrepreneur and founder of Create Your Purposeand I will be personally leading you through this experience.

For the past decade, I’ve been a brand strategist, working one-on-one with clients to transform their ideas into reality. I’ve spoken on stage in front of thousands of people to educate them on the art and strategy of communicating their ideas and building their brands. I’ve become an expert at turning one simple idea into a huge, thriving platform using all the tools available to us in this digital age.

And what I found, was that - overwhelmingly - most business owners (no matter what stage they were in) were focusing on surface-level problems that masked a deeper issue: an unclear purpose. And then they wondered why they felt stuck, overwhelmed, or burnt out.

The CYP Collective is a culmination of all my experience, my expertise, my passion, and yes - my OWN purpose to help entrepreneurs break this cycle and bring their ideas to life.

You see, I believe we all have the ability to build the kind of work we’re passionate about and a life we love. I've done it myself and I've helped my clients and students do it, too. Above all, I learned that we can’t do it alone. We need inspiration, support, and education. And more than anything else, we need a connection with the right people, tools, and ideas that will help us realize our potential. That will help us create our purpose. I designed this entire experience to help you do just that and I can't wait to invite new members in!

Yours in purpose,


Root yourself in a deeper purpose. Build an impactful business with intention. Expand beyond what you believe is possible for your work AND your life.

If you’re ready to grow your business ON purpose and WITH purpose while stepping into your true potential as an empowered human, then fill out the application below.

I will be reviewing all applications personally. If it feels like this is the right fit for you and you are the right fit for the Collective, I will reach out to let you know and answer any of your questions.

Applications close on February 21st.
New Members will be enrolled into the Collective on February 24th.

(Note: Submitting your application does NOT require you to join the Collective nor does it guarantee you a spot. It’s just the first step in exploring this option for you, together. Once you submit your application, I will get back to you within a few business days.)

Have questions? I've got answers!

Who is The Collective right for?

The Create Your Purpose Collective is for established, new, or aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners who want to lead with more intention in their work and their life.

Our existing members span across age ranges, industry types, and expertise-level. We have marketing strategists, health coaches, craft bloggers, yoga teachers, and real estate professionals from many countries around the globe, giving you access to a diverse array of perspectives and expertise. The majority of members are always interested in growing their business online.

If you're interested in growing or starting a business driven by heart, clarity, intention, and purpose, this is the group for you.

Who is The Collective NOT right for?

The Create Your Purpose Collective is not for you if...

You’re solely interested in personal development topics and not any business-building skills.

You’re only really interested in building your business and learning hacks and shortcuts on how to do that. This experience doesn't provide blueprints or shortcuts to help you "make money fast."

You don’t have the time or funds right now to invest your energies in something that may make some big transformations in your life (that’s totally okay).

You’d rather learn about all of this stuff outside of a community experience, on your own time, or one-on-one with me as a coach.

You don't have any entrepreneurial leanings whatsoever.

I’m already an experienced entrepreneur. Is this right for me?

For sure! You’re on this page for a reason, and I’m guessing you’re feeling stuck, uninspired, or wishing you could make more progress. Or maybe things are going pretty well, and you’re ready to take it to the next level. Either way, you will benefit both from remembering WHY you started your biz in the first place, re-rooting yourself in that deeper mission, and learning specific strategies for creating a holistic business and marketing plan that helps you take that next leap.

I’m a new or aspiring entrepreneur. Is this right for me?

Oh yea! It’s perfect, actually. You will root yourself in your why early on and let that guide everything you do, which makes your work all the more effective. I wish I had something like this when I was first starting out!

What this isn't, however, is a step-by-step program teaching you the basics of legal, accounting, and administrative start-up tasks for a business. However, many of these topics will be touched upon and you will also be able to pick the brains of likeminded people in the community who have been through similar struggles or have advice to share. 

Do I need to have my own full-time biz to be a member?

No. The Collective is catered toward entrepreneurs at all business-building stages. That means you could certainly have a full-time job and still be part of the Collective. Or you could have a side-hustle that you’re passionate about and be interested in taking it full-time or keeping it as it is. Of you could be a full-time entrepreneur!

We will be touching on many facets of life and business that non-full-time entrepreneurs can also apply to their work. You just have to be interested in tapping into a deeper meaning for your work and your life, and curious about how to take action to bring that meaning to life.

While the more strategic and tactical topics may not relate to how to build YOUR own business, it would be perfectly relevant for your existing job or future endeavors, especially if it involves digital marketing, branding, and communications.

If you have no entrepreneurial leanings or ideas at all, this would not be a good fit.

You’re always welcome to contact me if you’re still unsure.

Is the Collective just for women?

Yes. The Collective is a program dedicated to women. I have strived to create a space where members can explore their entrepreneurial spirit and drive in an open and respectful environment. I welcome applicants who self-identify as women and people assigned female at birth.

How many people are in the Collective?

I currently have 30 founding members in the Collective and with this enrollment period, I hope to invite many more to join us! My goal is to continue to grow the Collective in size yet keep it intimate and personal in feel.

I'm not in North America. Will this work for me?

Definitely! We currently have members from 5 different countries around the globe. I stagger event times and days in order to accommodate multiple time zones. If you can't make it live to events or calls, recordings are always posted in the community.

How much time do I need to commit?

On average, you should set aside 1-3 hours a week to get the most out of the Collective. This involves checking-in on the group discussions, tuning into masterclasses (live or recorded), and much more in our monthly community programming. A monthly schedule will be announced at the beginning of every month so you can plan ahead.

I understand that many members have full-time jobs or businesses to run, or they are building up a side hustle. This experience is designed to help you grow and to stretch you, so your commitment can be personalized depending on your life and work.

That being said, the more focus and energy you dedicate to the Collective, the more you will get out of it. Building a purpose-driven business and life is not “done” in 6 months; in fact, it is a lifelong journey. Show up to the process and the process will show up for you and drive real results.

When it comes to the Academy coursework - which is run live during the first two months of your initial membership period - I recommend setting aside 2-3 hours a week to watch the video lessons, complete the clarity-building exercises, and participate in group calls and prompts.

Special incentives will be given to members who complete the coursework during that time, including possibilities for my personal review of your work and a special gift at your “graduation.” I encourage as many members as possible to participate during this time to set a strong foundation for their time in the Collective and to forge relationships with fellow members.

If you’re not able to make the time for the Academy coursework during the first two months, don’t worry. You will have access to it for as long as you’re in the Collective, and you can return to the lessons as your schedule allows.

How will I access the community?

Most of the community activity takes place in a private Facebook group in the format of posts, videos, prompts, and discussion threads. There is regular monthly programming - live group coaching calls, tactical masterclasses, and social hours that will either take place through Zoom or Crowdcast. Replays will always be provided to anyone who can’t make these types of sessions live and you will be invited to Facebook events with all the details on how to join.

How will I access the course?

Upon registration for the Collective, you will also be given login details for my course platform where all the Academy course modules, lessons, and exercises live. It's a very intuitive system that will make everything easy to find. During the first two months of every new membership period, the Academy will be fun live, and you will get email reminders with updates, helpful resources, and more.

Why is a 6-month commitment required?

All new memberships and membership renewals require a 6-month commitment. I built it this way for two reasons:

One: The journey you will take inside the Collective is just that - a journey. Real results and transformation for the kind of work we will be doing don’t happen overnight, so 6 months was chosen specifically to provide you with enough of a foundation to build some momentum. That being said, you can stay in the Collective as long as you'd like since the programming is fresh every month and many of our members choose to renew!

Two: The power of community lies is bringing people together who want to grow together around a common purpose. I want you to connect with each other, be inspired by each other, and grow with each other! Create Your Purpose℠ is a philosophy, a mindset, and a movement but it’s nothing without people, and this community is its beating heart.

What happens after 6 months?

First off, you will feel more clear and purposeful in your business and your life, you will have made meaningful connections with like-minded entrepreneurs, and you will have a refined understanding of specific strategies and tactics to bring your ideas to life - both online and off!

Secondly, you will have the option to renew your membership, and I hope you do! I will continue to open enrollment to the community a few times a year, inviting new people in to shape the experience and grow together.

6-month commitments will still be required in order to maintain the connections we forge and build a real tribe and movement. The content and lessons will be fresh and new every single month based on the needs of the community.

When are new members invited in next?

Applications close on February 21st and new members will be enrolled into the Collective on February 24th, 2020! Their initial membership period will end at the end of August 2020 and they will have the option to renew then.

What is your refund policy?

This community has a no refunds, transfers or cancellations policy. You are committed to paying in full up front or following through with your monthly payments in totality.

How do you accept payment?

I accept all credit card or debit card payments via Stripe. You will complete your payment through my secure portal upon registration.

What if I have a question not listed?

Please contact me directly and I'll answer as soon as I can: