purpose-driven entrepreneur interview series

komal shah

Komal Shah’s Pilgrimage to Purpose

On today's episode, hear from Komal Shah who shared her journey to raising conscious children through education inspired by a child she met by chance in India during a holy pilgrimage.
bryana clover

A Brave Conversation about Race with Bryana Clover

Bryana's purpose is to ignite the power within others to make authentic change. That purpose has come to life SO powerfully in unique ways throughout her entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy this episode!

The Big Business Idea I Let Go Of

I once thought an online travel magazine was going to become my entire business. Until it didn't. Listen to my short, personal story about the time I pursued an idea and learned a very valuable lesson.

The Mason Jar Burnout Philosophy

I’ll never forget the lesson my 8th grade teacher taught me with a few simple items: a mason jar, two sizes of potatoes, and rice. Learn how the Mason Jar Burnout Philosophy can apply it to your business (and your entire life).

Practical (Business) Magic with Marisa Mohi

Do you believe in magic? Marisa Mohi does! Listen to find out how she navigated quitting her job right before the pandemic, how she creates systems to protect her creativity, & why we agree that bringing ideas to life is like real-life magic!
tianna tye

Leading Yourself & Others with Tianna Tye

Leadership in business doesn't just involve other people, it includes SELF-leadership, too! No one understands this better than Tianna Tye. Listen in to learn what it takes become a good leader - for yourself and others.
cherilyn yazzie

Cherilyn Yazzie, Farmer & Owner of Coffee Pot Farms

Meet Cherilyn Yazzie, a Navajo woman and farmer who started Coffee Pot Farms to address food access issues. We discuss her fear of leaving her stable job, the layers of advocacy needed in her business, and what routines and rituals keep her sane.

How to Build a Purposeful Online Community with Sophie Bujold

It makes me so darn happy to be able to share this interview with you all. Sophie Bujold, founder of Cliqueworthy, joined me for an illuminating discussion about building a community online. I hired Sophie last year to help me grow and shift my business, and that has been the best decision I’ve ever made…

Karen Ozeri: The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Interview Series

 The next guest in my Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Interview Series is career and life coach, Karen Ozeri. Karen’s decision to leave her “successful” corporate career in New York City is what ultimately led her to become the purpose-driven career and life coach she is today. And she uses her purpose to help guide others along…

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