Biswas Plastic Surgery

Brand Identity, Collateral & Website Design
plastic surgery brand logo design

Atanu Biswas is a plastic surgeon in Phoenix who contacted me when starting up his own practice. He was looking for all-around help in creating a unique brand, along with marketing collateral and a website that would help him jumpstart his business. What I loved about working with Atanu was his openness to taking his business in a direction that stood out from most of his competition in the Valley, whose branding never really broke out of a certain mold.

We started off with the logo and the inspiration of creating an elegant yet approachable aesthetic…and if I could, pop in a touch of mid-century modern vibes! I took on the challenge and we ended up with the logo you see here (with the quartered mark emulating Atanu’s four core virtues: refine/restore/maintain/enhance), brand patterns and a sophisticated brand identity.

Moving onto the website, Atanu was looking for a true marketing hub, where he could generate leads and show the breadth of his expertise. We extended the brand aesthetic to every page of the responsive WordPress web design, creating a rich yet clean website with dynamic imagery and informative content. See live site here.

plastic surgery web design
plastic surgery wordpress website