Postcards Q&A

Thanks for all your questions! I was able to get through most of them in this video. You'll find timestamps below the video to certain questions in case you want to skip through to certain ones.

0:20 // What is the structure of your work day? (how many hours typically? How do you like to block schedule it out?)

3:15 // What are your recommendations for solo-female travelers on business trips?

4:40 // When working at cafes, do you ask someone to watch your stuff when going to the bathroom? 😂

5:30 // With your new community starting today, does this mean that you are not doing your services like branding/web design anymore?

6:45 // How do I make my business legit when it comes to taxes, LLC, etc?

9:37 // What does a typical week's schedule look like for you?

11:10 // Tell us about your transition to self-employment. Read my full story here.

15:05 // What is your equipment regarding photos and videos?

16:35 // How did you build your social media following and increase customers?

20:25 // How do you personally balance your biz + self-care?

23:15 // How did you decide on your branding? What one tip would your recommend in setting yourself apart from your competitors?