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Digital Strategy Consulting

For the past decade, in both L.A. and now in Phoenix, I’ve been in the corporate marketing world, working with large organizations like PopChips, UPS, and Banner Health. I’ve gained keen insights into both the high-level strategy work and the day-to-day implementation that goes into creating marketing that drives results at a large scale.

But my passion has always been for the little guys – the small business owners and the entrepreneurs. So in 2011, I set out to create my own consulting business to serve them and to marry the creative and strategic sides of my brain.

Let me be your guide in an often-confusing digital world. I’ll coach you on how to build and sustain a digital marketing plan that works, explain the why and the how behind my recommendations (so you can learn too), and help you drive holistic results for your business.

How I Can Help

Effective digital marketing plans are never built on using just one tactic. Today, you must pay attention to the comprehensive strategy in order to gain traction online, because every component can drive traffic, engagement, leads, and ultimately – customers. That’s why I personalize all of my digital consulting to best align with your goals and resources, touching on multiple elements outlined below.

Content Marketing

Content makes the digital world go round, but is often created without a strategy in place. I’ll audit your content to make sure your efforts are worth it and guide you on ways to strategically plan for the future.

Lead Generation

The lifeblood of your digital efforts should be leads. I’ll help you set up a lead system if you don’t have one, coach you on lead-generating strategies, and teach you how to nurture a lead into a loyal customer.

Email Marketing

If you’re not taking advantage of the oldest trick in the digital marketing playbook, you’re truly missing out. I’ll help you shift from an email sent once in awhile, to a robust system that keeps you top-of-mind.

Social Media

Social media is everyone’s darling, but it’s not enough to just post photos and links without any intention. I’ll work with you ensure the engagement you get on social platforms finds it way back to your own website.


Branding goes far beyond design, although that’s a crucial element of it. We’ll chat about your overall brand strategy to make sure every element of your online presence is in alignment with your goals.


Search engine optimization should be the backbone of everything you do on the web, but many people never think about it. I’ll break it down for you simply, and make sure your site has a strong SEO foundation.

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