Marketing Workshop Replay


Page numbers refer to your workbook!

16:30 • Identify what stage of biz you're in (pg. 2)

26:00 • Common marketing challenges by stage (pg. 3)

43:00 • Declare your next marketing actions that will help you grow (pg. 4-5)

1:02:35 • Creating your 90-day Purpose Plan (pg. 6)

1:12:25 • How to NOT drop the ball on your plan

1:16:40 • How you can get support + accountability to EXECUTE your plan inside my Create Your Purpose Collective.

Want to go further and get support & accountability while you *execute* your marketing plan?

Apply to join my private community, the Create Your Purpose Collective, and gain access to an entrepreneurial hive-mind that will help you grow your business with purpose.

Applications for the Fall 2022 cohort is now open! This will be the last enrollment this year.