✨ It's official!! ✨

You are now enrolled in the Instagram with Intention Beta Mastermind!!

You're probably wondering: what happens next?

Keep an eye out at the end of December for an invite to join our private pop-up Facebook group... we're gonna get the party started there a few days early ?

Our official start date is January 4th, 2021. That morning, you will receive an email with details on how to tune into the first video lesson in the course platform (the one you just registered for!).

You don't need to do anything else except add 1-2 hours on your calendar for each week in January so you can capitalize on your commitment! Plus, mark your calendars for every Wednesday at 12pm PT if you can join our live Intention Sessions.

And if you feel so inclined, share the good news that you're a member of this mastermind on your favorite social channels! You'll find two images below that you're welcome to use...

~ Quinn

One is for IG Stories and one is square for any other platform!
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