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Become a Member of the Create Your Purpose Collective

A community and coaching experience designed to help you build a purposeful business AND life.
First Beta Cohort Begins September 20th, 2019.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re ready to stop spinning your wheels doing #allthethings and start growing a business that makes you feel empowered and inspired every day.
  • You wish you felt less alone on your journey and had someone to help you connect the dots between all that you do so you can lead with purpose, clarity, and intention.
  • You’re ready to learn the skills, tools, and strategies to communicate your purpose clearly and strategically - both online and off.
  • You want to distance yourself from the popular “hustle” mindset and build an intentional business without the burnout.
  • You’re ready to make a real impact through your work and tap into a deeper meaning for your life.

let me introduce you to...

The Create Your Purpose Collective

A 6-month, interactive experience that is one part coaching and one part community, designed to help entrepreneurial humans dig deep into their unique purpose and give them the tools and strategies to bring it to life through their work - both online and off.

Whether you’re a new or experienced business owner, or you simply possess an entrepreneurial spirit, The Create Your Purpose Collective will challenge you to tap into the deeper why that drives you and teach you how to translate it into a profitable, purposeful business or career.


What is The Collective?

The Create Your PurposeCollective is an ongoing membership community (and for this unique "beta" - a guided coaching experience) led by yours truly - that will help you align your personal and professional visions, harness your unique strengths, move past your mindset blocks, and build a business that is both impactful and purposeful.

I have intentionally designed this experience to help you transform from frazzled to fulfilled, from confused to knowledgeable, and from aimless to empowered. 

This isn’t just a surface-level personal-development program...

It isn’t another marketing or business course giving you useless hacks or tips...

The Create Your Purpose℠ Collective is an immersive, interactive experience combining deep personal reflection with strategic business-building guidance within a supportive, community-focused environment. The Collective will help you define the impact you want to make and give you the tools and connections to go out and MAKE IT.

I personally will be there to guide you every step of the way with leadership and learning opportunities. For this beta, I will be curating an intimate group of like-minded people from across the globe so that we can learn and grow together around this common goal.

Create Your Purpose℠ is a mindset, a philosophy, a movement, and a group of people dedicated to becoming the leaders of their own lives. CYP synthesizes personal development with entrepreneurship, marketing with meaning, individual planning with the power of community.


Create Your Purpose℠ is a mindset, a philosophy, a movement, and a group of people dedicated to becoming the leaders of their own lives. CYP synthesizes personal development with entrepreneurship, marketing with meaning, individual planning with the power of community.

The Create Your Purpose Framework

Create Your Purpose℠ is the culmination of my life’s work summed up in three simple words. I ardently believe in its power to transform people’s lives and businesses. I have seen it happen in my own life and in the lives of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with. I couldn’t be more excited to invite you into its next evolution! Learn more about CYP here.


If you understand there is a deeper dimension to entrepreneurship and know how it can be the vehicle to fully express who you are and make a difference, then you already grasp the root of the Create Your Purpose℠ philosophy.

But philosophy and catchphrases are nothing if not paired with ACTION, without systems and processes that will transform them from merely inspiring phrases emblazoned on mugs and journals into an actual way of living and working and being in the world.

That’s why I’m backing up the catchphrase with an actual framework, a 5-step process that I designed to help entrepreneurial humans like you create true meaning and impact, get unstuck, and receive the support you need to realize your ideas.

Inside the Collective, you will be led through each of the 5 phases...


Reflect on your past, dive into your passions, and uncover your unique purpose.


Create a crystal clear vision for your life and work, letting your purpose be your guide.


Craft an action plan that aligns your personal vision and professional mission.


Learn tactics and tools to create your purpose through your work and your life.


Align your time and energy with your purpose, and step into your full potential.

How Does the Collective Work?

The Create Your Purpose Collective is a 6-month interactive program - part group coaching and part ongoing community experience - with programming designed to help you uncover your purpose and bring it to life in all that you do.

The experience is centered around two things: your WHY and your WHAT.

Month one will be a guided group coaching program aimed at helping you tap into the unique WHY that drives you.

Months two through six are an ongoing community experience giving you the inspiration, education, and support to align your WHY with your WHAT.

Learn more on what this all entails below...

Month One

A guided group coaching program designed to help you tap into a deeper purpose.

Framework Focus: Reflect, Vision, Strategize

I will guide you through four weekly themes that will:

  • reflect on your past with intention
  • gain clarity around your unique purpose
  • create a vision for your future
  • build a strategic action plan

I’ll be sharing my own story, asking collective members to share theirs, and we will hop on live group calls where you can submit your questions and dive deeper into each week’s content with real-time insight and advice from me and fellow Collective members.

Months Two - Six

An ongoing community experience giving you skills and support to realize your purpose.

Framework Focus: Strategize, Build, Align

This will be less structured than month one, allowing me to shape the content based on the needs of the community. Every month will bring fresh new content, reflection prompts, and tactical lessons, including but not limited to:

  • Quarterly book club roundtables
  • Bi-annual action challenges to accelerate your momentum
  • Monthly mindfulness prompts and accountability to root yourself back in your vision
  • Masterclasses taught by me or niche topic experts
  • Live "hot seats" to provide members with personalized feedback

What Topics Will we cover?

Brand Strategy

Get clear on your audience, voice, and brand mission and learn how to communicate it effectively in all that you do.


Learn ways to maintain balance and optimize your time with productivity tactics, tools, and healthy habit formation.

Digital Marketing

Understand how to create and sustain a holistic marketing strategy, including email, social media, and content marketing.


Explore the art of creating a business that is an authentic expression of YOU, outside of the popular hype, hustle, and hacks.


Understand how to establish boundaries and create systems to scale your energy, your attention, and your whole business.


Tap into your confidence and creativity through mindfulness practices, following your curiosity, experimentation, and sharing.

The Create Your Purpose Collective is for business owners or entrepreneurial humans who want to infuse more purpose into their life and their work and learn the tools necessary to realize their ideas.


The Create Your Purpose Collective is for business owners or entrepreneurial humans who want to infuse more purpose into their life and their work and learn the tools necessary to realize their ideas.

Who is the Collective for?

Collective members will be handpicked by me to be part of a small, intimate group. You must be interested in leading with intention, asking the hard questions about yourself, and taking action even when it feels uncomfortable. You need to be willing to contribute to the group, support your fellow members, and be open and curious to learn new things.

For the first “beta” cohort, membership will be limited to around 30 people. You will play an integral role in shaping this content and helping me learn what resonates with you the most. In return, you’ll be given the most direct, personal, and intimate access to me of any group now or in the future.

You're a good fit if...

You’re interested in living a purpose-driven life and building a purposeful career.

You own your own business, run a side-hustle, or have a full-time job and possess an entrepreneurial drive.

You feel a calling to serve others in a unique way and to leave a mark on this world

You need help refining all your ideas and creating an action plan.

You are ready to invest in your own development and get helpful, no-fluff guidance on how to grow.

You’re committed to using all the digital tools available to you to bring your purpose to life.

You’re excited about being an active part of a community of like-minded people.

You're not a good fit if...

You’re solely interested in personal development topics and not any business-building skills.

You’re only really interested in building your business and learning hacks and shortcuts on how to do that.

You don’t have the time or money right now to invest your energies in something that may make some big transformations in your life (that’s totally okay).

You’d rather learn about all of this stuff outside of a community experience, on your own time, or one-on-one with me.

kind words...

bookkeeping branding
“I never imagined I would have this much clarity…”

For a long time, I was struggling under the weight of two different brands. Neither felt like they represented my work and although I knew I needed to pivot, I didn't know how. Through her thoughtful questions and strategic process, Quinn got me unstuck.

I never imagined I would have this much clarity, but working with Quinn was the turning point for me. Now I have a brand that is exactly aligned with where I want to take my business, and I personally feel more purposeful and excited about the work that I do.

-Jeannie Gambill, Founder
Boss Lady Accounting

“Quinn helped me connect to my message on a deeper level.”

When I met Quinn, I was making a huge career change and starting my own business. I didn't know what I was doing but knew I needed an online presence.

Quinn did more than design me an incredible website that reflected my vision and values, she helped me to get clear on my offerings and connect to my message on a deeper level.

-Kate Towell, Yoga Teacher & Ayurveda Nutritionist
Infinite You Wellness

Why should I join the Beta?

This first beta cohort of the Create Your Purpose Collective will be a special one with benefits that won’t come around again:
  1. Direct, personalized attention. I intend to grow the community starting in 2020, so this will be the only chance to get this much personal access to my experience and expertise.
  2. Intimate group size. Membership will be capped at around 35 people in order to give us all a chance to really sink our teeth into this topic and grow our relationships.
  3. Lowest investment. The beta will be the last time I offer this experience at this rate. If you choose to stay in the community past your initial 6-month commitment (and I hope you do!), I will be offering you a special “Founding Member” rate.

In return, I will be asking for your feedback along the way in order to help me refine content that I’ll be delivering for the first time in this specific format. You will play an integral role in shaping what this community and the entire Create Your Purpose movement becomes.

The Investment

This is truly an investment in yourself, in your business, and in your future. My typical one-on-one consultation and coaching offerings cost thousands of dollars, so this is both the most affordable way to work with me AND the most unique format with access to a vibrant community of likeminded humans.

I offer two ways of paying, depending on what works best for you. If your application is accepted, payment will be required to secure your spot in the Collective.

Six Payments OF


Billed monthly on a recurring subscription

One Payment OF


(Save $130!)

Full payment due up-front

Next Steps

The First Cohort Begins on September 20th, 2019

I will be accepting beta cohort members based on an application process. Upon receiving your answers, I will review it to ensure this is a good fit for you and you’re a good fit for the community. Spots will be secured on a first-come-first-serve basis with your payment. Applications will be closed if all spots are filled.

Have questions? I've got answers!

How will I access the community?

Most of the community activity will take place in a private Facebook group in the format of posts, videos, prompts, and discussion threads. There will also be frequent live calls, “hot seats,” and longer webinar masterclasses that will either take place through Zoom or Crowdcast. Replays will always be provided to anyone who can’t make these types of sessions live.

How many people will be in the community?

For the first round, the max will be around 30-35, depending on how many people apply. I will be capping it in order to create an intimate setting where we can dig deep into these ideas and grow our relationships. This will also allow me to refine the content based on your feedback and insights and deliver even better, tailored content month after month. I will open up enrollment to another cohort in Early 2020, and you’re welcome to stay with us (and I hope you do!).

What’s does the “beta” cohort of the Collective mean?

This means this group is the very first cohort of the Collective...ever. It means that I will be sharing this content within this specific format for the very first time, and your feedback and insights will help me shape it for the future.

It also means you will get the most direct connection and insight from me personally. It will likely never be like this again - both in size and cost - as I grow the community, so this beta will be very special!

Why is a 6-month commitment required?

I built it this way for two reasons:

One: The journey you will take inside the Collective is just that - a journey. Real results and transformation for the kind of work we will be doing doesn’t happen overnight, so 6 months was chosen specifically to provide you with enough of a foundation to build some momentum.

Two: The power of community lies is bringing people together who want to grow together around a common purpose. I want you to connect with each other, be inspired by each other, and grow with each other! Create Your Purpose℠ is a philosophy, a mindset, and a movement but it’s nothing without people, and this community will be its beating heart.

How is month one different from months two through six?

See the section above for a detailed breakdown of how these differ, and here’s a summary: Month one is about helping you tap into your WHY. It’s a very structured format. Months two through six are more about your WHAT, giving you the tactical skills and tools needed to bring your purpose to life. It will be a looser format than month one, allowing me to customize based on the needs of the community.

What happens after 6 months?

First off, you will feel more clear and purposeful in your business and your life, you will have made meaningful connections with like-minded entrepreneurs, and you will have a refined understanding of specific strategies and tactics to bring your ideas to life - both online and off.

Secondly, you will have the option to stay in the community, and I’d love it if you did! I will continue to open enrollment to the community a few times a year, inviting new people in to shape the experience and grow together.

6-month commitments will still be required in order to maintain the connections we forge and build a real tribe and movement. The content and lessons will be fresh and new every single month based on the needs of the community.

*Because you are my special beta group, after your first 6 months, I will extend a special “Founding Member” rate if you choose to stay on.

I’m just starting my journey as an entrepreneur. Is the Collective right for me?

Oh yea! It’s perfect, actually. You will root yourself in your why early on and let that guide everything you do, which makes your work all the more effective. I wish I had something like this when I was first starting out.

I’m already an experienced entrepreneur. Is the Collective right for me?

For sure! You’re on this page for a reason, and I’m guessing you’re feeling stuck, uninspired, or wishing you could make more progress. Or maybe things are going pretty well, and you’re ready to take it to the next level. Either way, you will benefit both from remembering why you started your biz in the first place, re-rooting yourself in that deeper mission, and learning specific strategies for creating a holistic business and marketing plan that helps you take that next leap.

Do I need to have my own full-time business to be part of the collective?

No. The Collective is catered toward entrepreneurial humans, not just full-time entrepreneurs only. That means you could certainly have a full-time job and still be part of the Collective. Or you could have a side-hustle that you’re passionate about and be interested in taking it full-time or keeping it as it is.

We will be touching on many facets of life and business that non-full-time entrepreneurs can also apply to their work. You just have to be interested in tapping into a deeper meaning for your work and your life, and curious about how to take action to bring that meaning to life.

While the more strategic and tactical topics may not relate to how to build YOUR own business, it would be perfectly relevant for your existing job or future endeavors, especially if it involves digital marketing, branding, and communications.

You’re always welcome to contact me if you’re still unsure.

What is your refund policy?

This community has a no refunds, transfers or cancellations policy. You are committed to paying in full up front or following through with your monthly payments in totality.

What is the cost?

Scroll up one section and you'll find all the details! I accept either an up-front full payment or monthly installments.

Who is your Leader?

Hi, I’m Quinn Tempest, entrepreneur and
founder of Create Your Purpose.

For the past decade, I’ve been a brand strategist, working one-on-one with clients to transform their ideas into reality. I’ve spoken on stage in front of thousands of people to educate them on the art and strategy of marketing their ideas and building their brands. I’ve become an expert at turning one simple idea into a huge, thriving platform using all the tools available to us in this digital age.

The CYP Collective is a culmination of all my experience, my expertise, my passion, and yes - my OWN purpose to help people bring their ideas to life.

You see, I believe we all have the ability to build the kind of work we’re passionate about and a life we love. I've done it myself and I've helped my clients do it over the years. Most of all, I learned that we can’t do it alone. We need inspiration, support, and education.

And more than anything else, we need connection with the right people, tools, and ideas that will help us realize our potential. That will help us create our purpose. I designed The this coaching and community experience to help you do just that.

This is probably the coolest, most impactful thing that has ever come out of my brain - heck, I even trademarked it, I so believe in it!! I can't wait to start it off with the beta this fall! I hope you'll join me.