Dear Purpose Seeker,

I created the 8 Purpose Profiles as a tool to help entrepreneurs cut through the noise and get to the beating heart that drives their business (and their life).

That being said, they are just that - a tool - and one brief profile can't perfectly tell you what your unique purpose is. Only you can do that!

But, the insights you gather from your profile can indeed help you on your journey to do these three things:

  • Intentionally reflect on your life and business as it is now.
  • Create a vision for the impact you want to make.
  • Uncover your unique purpose.

And once you do all that? You'll make more of an impact in your business and feel more empowered + intentional in your life.

The guide on this page will give you a nudge in that direction.

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Here's a mini-guide for what you should do with your result:

Step One: Reflect on your Primary Profile

If you took the purpose quiz, you received your primary profile - that is, which of your answers most aligned with a specific result. This result isn't a diagnosis; it's a tool for reflection.

I encourage you to explore your individual profile page and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does this profile feel like me?
  • What strengths are spot-on and which are not? What would I add?
  • Are the listed items in "What to Cultivate" the actual challenges I face? What other areas can I improve on?
  • Is this purpose type currently alive in my business? If not, why not?
  • How can I align my business more with this purpose?
  • What is the scale of an impact I want to make?

Step Two: Explore All 8 Profiles

It's 100% normal that there will be one other profile that will strongly resonate with you. A 12-question quiz can't perfectly pin you down - you're human after all! For instance, I'm definitely The Leader, but The Creator is my secondary profile.

After you dig deep into your Primary Profile, find another one here that resonates with you and ask yourself some of the same questions from Step One.

Step THree: Keep Asking the Question

The Purpose Profiles are tools to guide your reflection. So I encourage you to reflect on them with intention and keep asking the question: What is my purpose?

Remember, there is no right or wrong purpose - just one that feels right for you. You don't 'find' your purpose, you create it!

Here's a tip: your purpose should be a simple yet powerful statement that connects the dots between all that you do. It should feel broad, resonant, and deeply personal.

For example, I decided that my purpose is this:

I help people bring their ideas to life.

It's a simple "power phrase" that repeats in my head like a mantra. It helps me look at opportunities and see if they align with my purpose or not, allowing me to make decisions with clarity and ease. It focuses my energy and helps me optimize my attention to shine on the things that matter most.

I also have a secondary purpose that roots me in the deeper impact I want to make simply by adding a "because" statement to my power phrase.

I help people bring their ideas to life because when someone can realize the vision they hold for themselves, they feel empowered.

Lastly, I encourage to think about how your purpose drives your business, or how it can drive it in an ideal world once everything is in alignment. Be specific and combine your personal drive + impact with who you want to serve and how. Here is mine:

I help entrepreneurs uncover their unique purpose and bring it to life through their business.

This final translation of purpose is more commonly known as a business mission statement. It's what gets emblazoned on postcards and website homepages.

But for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, we are more than a mission statement. We want to infuse all the truths of who we are into our businesses and make an impact that is meaningful, powerful, and uniquely our own.

So start with the first simple power phrase, and let that inform the rest. Let your WHY drive your WHAT.

Step Four: Explore my Resources

Uncovering your purpose and bringing it to life through your business isn't an overnight process. In fact, fully embodying the Create Your Purpose philosophy can take years.

That's because CYP isn't just about your business and it isn't just about your personal development. It's about creating something impactful and meaningful. Doing that is a lifelong journey - and one of the most empowering adventures you can set out on!

I've collected a few of my resources below to help you explore this idea further..