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Confidently create 2 months of Instagram® content - that your audience will LOVE - in just 1 week!

Learn a repeatable process that will help you create strategic content with ease, get (and stay) organized, show up consistently, and drive real business results on the Gram... all *without* burning out!

(...or keep reading for all the details!)


Are you ready to...


🛑 Ghosting your audience for weeks on end

🛑 Wracking your brain for content ideas

🛑 Hearing crickets chirp when you post

🛑 Wasting time scrolling mindlessly

🛑 Seeing no actual biz results from IG

🛑 Feeling dejected & ready to give up


✅ Posting consistently *without* burn out

✅ Pulling from a organized idea bank

✅ Getting meaningful follower engagement

✅ Creating content quickly & efficiently

✅ Attracting more leads + clients + revenue

✅ Re-connecting with your deeper message

Imagine this...

You leisurely crack open your laptop in the morning while you sip your tea latté, feeling:

Confident 💪 because you know the post you have scheduled for today will *actually* land with your audience.

Proud 👏 that your Instagram content is 100% HANDLED for the next month.

Excited 🤩 because you've built a marketing engine that will fuel your biz (even while you sleep)!


ready to take the stress out of Instagram & become a confident content creator?

When you enroll in my course, you will:
✅ Simplify your content creation

Learn & master a repeatable process that will help you generate strategic content in simple & (gasp!) FUN way.

📝 Learn what content lands with your people

Dial in your messaging to make sure it's profitable & learn what formats drives meaningful engagement.

⏰ Save time & show up consistently

Better harness your time & energy so you can sustain your strategy over time in a way that feels good.

🎨 Create 2 months of content in 1 week

Choose to take course challenge & you'll have enough strategic content to get you through the next 2 months!

...and that's not all (keep scrolling)!

Hi, I'm Quinn Tempest, creator of this course...

Do you feel like you’re on a content treadmill?

Instagram can often feel like exhausting place to be as a business owner.

Posting consistently, staying on top of trends, and trying to *not* to compare yourself to other accounts.

It’s a lot! 🤯🥵

That’s exactly why I created this course. Because...

I believe two things: 1) that Instagram can transform your biz's bottom line AND 2) that your message matters.

I can't wait to show you how to tap back into the power of your deeper purpose and of this platform to reach the people you feel called to serve.

I hope to see you inside!

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